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IMRAN As 2016 is off to an exciting start, and each day rushes by it is proving to be a great year. Imran Anwar is busy in an exciting role in the world's best software and technology Strategy, Business, Technology, Marketing, and Cloud Constuling firm, leveraging his experience and skills combining Strategy and Management Consulting, Technology and Cloud Computing, and Enterprise Architecture and Professional Services. Continuing to bring his industry knowledge, and recognition as a thought leader and blogger with nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter, 5000 fans on FaceBook, and about 5000 on LinkedIn and Flickr, each. As founder of Internet email in Pakistan Imran is also active in managing and developing PKNIC, the registry for the .PK ccTLD that he and his partner founded nearly 25 years ago. Together they are working to take on new avenues to promote Internet usage in Pakistan. Show more
Imran continues to be invited to deliver keynote speeches (including Insight Innovation in Philadelphia and MRMW in Minneapolis. He was also Chairman of the 12th MRMW that took place in Chicago recently. He continues being on radio and TV, expressing his popular, outspoken, and well-respected opinions on Pakistan, Afghanistan, US foreign policy,ISIS and terrorism, Islam and the World, and peace in the Middle East. He continues to be an outspoken critic of the agents of terror and their sympathizers in Pakistan and elsewhere, responsible for the latest carnage in Pakistan and other countries. His recent speech at a well attended event inspired hundreds of attendees, young, and old to work together for peace.

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Love the MIDAS idea Imran Anwar! You're always are ahead of the curve in all things. Looking forward to having you on our advisory board

Mark Michelson | Chairman MMRA

I remember Imran's name coming up when I worked at Crosby helping with some of the macro/political research. Always admired his stance against the military regimes- it takes serious guts!

Alicia Nieva | Woodgate Research Fellow at Society For New Communications Research