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IMRAN Welcomes You

As 2013 rushes by proving to be a great year, Imran Anwar is busy in an exciting role in the world's best software and technology firm, leveraging his experience and skills combining Strategy and Management Consulting, Technology and Cloud Computing, and Enterprise Architecture and Professional Services. Continuing to bring his industry knowledge, and recognition as a thought leader and blogger with a ton of followers on Twitter, nearly 5000 fans on FaceBook, and 5000+ on LinkedIn and Flickr, each. As founder of Internet email in Pakistan is also active in watching PKNIC, the registry for the .PK ccTLD that he and his partner Ashar founded nearly 20 years ago, take on new avenues to promote Internet usage in Pakistan.

Imran continues to be invited to deliver keynote speeches (most recent being Insight Innovation in Phiadelphia and the upcoming MRMW in Minneapolis), in addition to being on radio and TV, giving his popular, outspoken, and well-respected opinions on Pakistan, Afghanistan, US foreign policy,terrorism, Islam and the World, and peace in the Middle East. He continues to be an outspoken critic of the agents of terror and their sympathizers in Pakistan responsible for the latest carnage in Pakistan and other countries. His recent speech at a well attended event inspired several hundred attendees, young, and old.

Continuing to establish his credentials further as a thought leader in how Cloud Computing will impact society, business and all industries, from Healthcare to Financial Services, Retail to Education, Public Sector to Military. The YouTube video (more than 7000 views) was recorded before Imran's joining the leading software firm in the world, and remains online to show that his independent thoughts are still applicable.

Monica Davis did a feature story on Imran in her inspirational magazine Exceptional People. And, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Check out the latest new snazzy and exciting CrossWord puzzles by Imran including the Bright Day For Cloud. Try it out!

Imran is also continuing to create his 360 degree panoramas in addition to older (QTVR) clips of a magical trip to Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Another achievement for 2012 was Imran's very popular photography passing 1 Million Views on Flickr! This included nearly 60 of his photos being selected in Explore, Flickr's selection of 500 Most Interesting Photos from any day's 6-7 million uploaded pictures!

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Hear Imran interviewed on The Big Show, to be inspired as well as You Are The Guest, on North Korea and Pakistan, and Take Charge Of Your Life to be inspired even more. Get the funniest Jokes . BookMark this site & please tell others too! It takes a second to spread the word. See Incredible Panorama Images On A Real World Map! View IMRAN's HereVR panoramas for specific spots on a map or satellite image of the globe! Check the New York, Long Island, Miami panoramas. More being added.

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