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Fire Island marinas and Great South Bay Channels and Sandbars Watch Hill & Davis Park


Liberty Stands Tall, For All

WTC Dead Ahead

River Snaking

Flying pics here.


Shinnecock Canal (also see video clips from the air)

Sun Rolling High, Sapphire Sky? (ala Elton John)

Now You Sun It, Now You Don't

Any Given SunDeck

StunSet at Old Inlet

Give Me Liberty

2 If By Sea

Air, Land and Sea travel

BellPort Beach Fall Sunset

Boat Lone or Sole Boat?

ColorFALL FALLiage?

Face Off at Earth's End?

Great South Bay Sunset - WaterColor by Imran

Haze Days?

Jones Inlet By Air

Reed Breed?

REeD Colored Sky?

Re(ed) Focus?

See Ray of SeaRay?

Sunken Treasure

Walk Alone


About Last Night

Patchogue July 5 Fireworks


Welcome to the IMRAN's Recreational Boating home page. The page is enhanced regularly, to act as a resource for boaters and pleasure cruisers on Long Island, and to share the wonderful boating experiences I have enjoyed here. Here are some photographs showing different views of a boating life on Long Island, NY, including boating trips to Manhattan, NY. Please also check the bottom of this page for more useful information and book links. Additionally, I encourage you to visit my FLYING pages, as you will see images of many of my favorite boating locations, taken from the air. Make sure to visit those pictures as they show sandbars, shallow water, marinas and channels that you visit from a different and very educational perspective. As of 2006 I have also added panoramas, ground and aerial shots placed on a real world map. The only thing more real would be for you to actually fly or cruise to all these places. Take a look!

Sea Ray Sundancer 230 Cruiser "NARGIS" on the Atlantic Ocean 6/9/01 0800 (Original Photo Peter Ehatt)

En route to Shelter Island - Friends on 3 boats

A collection of non-boating photography is being displayed also.

Your comments and input will always be welcome.

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