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The Government of Pakistan is headed once again, by the military, headed by General Parvez Musharraf. Imran Anwar has been on record, publicy and privately, as vehemently opposing any violation of the constitution as well as destruction of democracy and public institutions in the country. Please check CNN and other interviews of Imran Anwar on this topic.

In the current geo-political climate, Imran Anwar also understands, and urges fellow Pakistanis, to stand united, including supporting the military rulers so the global risk of war can be defused. Consider this fact, George W. Bush was BARELY elected with merely 537 votes making the difference in a nation of 250-300 million. Today, EVERY American stands behind him.

Photo of next ELECTED Preesident will go here
This picture should remain blank and unfilled until a democratically elected ruler comes to Pakistan. In the meantime, the Pakistani Government has my support to handle this crisis and save Pakistan and the region from a worse war..

For American or non-Pakistani viewers, here are some short answers to help you understand what is going on, WHY things happened the way they did, and what you can do to help ensure that American OR any other country's citizens do not face the same tragedy.

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Question from Sylvia in Canada: Why are the Pakistanis protesting support of the US?

A. Hi, Sylvia. Most Pakistanis are threatened by the rise in fundamentalists who hijack Islam and use threats (against us Muslims more even than anyone else). Unfortunately, they ("mujahideen" were aided by the US in the 80's and we paid the price. We Pakistanis have paid the price for US "friendship" once every decade. We paid the price of US using our soil to launch U2 spy planes against Russia. Then later we paid the price of fighting the Russians on behalf of the US. When we were not needed anymore we were dumped. On the other hand, we had a defence treaty with the US, when India attacked us and helped sever Pakistan, leading half the country to become Bangla Desh. All during the war we were told, "We are sending the 6th fleet". It never arrived and our original country's integrity was destroyed. So, now the US wants to use our soil to fight a MUSLIM country. That is how people see it. The 1% very orthodox hate America anyway less for "sinful ways" (almost all Muslim countries have people who aspire for the same freedoms Americans enjoy as individuals), more for supporting Israel's continued genocide of Palestinians. The other 99% LEARNT to dislike it for being a hypocritical unreliable false friend that the US always was. So, they may hate the Taliban and religious fanatics (whom the US actually financed and trained in the past) but often America looks like the bigger bully evil, most Americans do not know this because of biased media, and then innocent people pay with their lives when hatred comes visiting our American shores..But, in this case, many may not have a choice, what the US wants, the US gets. All one can hope is that they are not disillusioned one more time, and that if they act as allies the US will not dump them again and these two countries can be CLOSE friends again.

Hope this helps.



Does trying to understand WHY the US was attacked mean condoning the attack?