The Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being as an independent state on August 14, 1947. It was the result of the Muslim freedom movement under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan lies within an area of 796,098,66 square kilometers (307,374 square miles) with a population of about 130 million (now reaching 150+) peace-loving people (who do not believe in family planning it seems) but who take their national security very seriously. Unfortunately the biggest threat to Pakistan (besides some Indian threats) is the mullahs and fanatic fundamentalists who cannot win elections but bully a whole nation, while malign the religion of Islam. Ironically, Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. The emblem of the Government of Pakistan is given below.

GOP Seal

It borders Iran on the west, India in the east, Afghanistan in the north and north-west and the People's republic of China in the north-west and north-east. Pakistan is a land of immense natural beauty and is the cradle of some of the oldest civilizations of the world. Indus Valley civilization was at its peak some 4,500 years ago. Excavations have brought to light evidence of a highly developed civilizations. Buddhist monasteries and stupas.

The country's official language is Urdu. English continues to be used for official purposes and in trade and commerce, and is also the medium of higher and professional education.

Pakistan comprises of four provinces - Punjab, Sindh, North West Frontier and Balochistan.

Pakistan has series of high mountain ranges in the north which separates' Pakistan from China, Russia and Afghanistan. They include the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. The giant peaks are over 24,000 ft. high.


The well marked seasons in Pakistan are
Cold seasons (Dec-March)
Hot " (April-June)
Monsoon (July-September)


Consists of two houses, Senate the upper house and National Assembly , the lower house. These are located in Islamabad. Members Senate - 87 NA- 207 (Minorities-10). The Government is headed by the President & Prime Minister but it is currently under military rule. So what else is new.

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